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Single stack solutions for B2B and B2C

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Omnia - The only SAP certified eCommerce and digital engagement technology with zero integration required.

Omnia brings new meaning to the concept of a single stack technology.
All eCommerce and digital engagement solutions for SAP have to be integrated with the back end with the exception of Omnia. Uniquely, Omnia is delivered natively inside SAP ERP, which ensures that only one technology set is being used to deliver your core business processes and your digital engagement/eCommerce strategies - SAP. This comes with serious benefits as this SAP-centric solution utilises the enterprise security, stability and performance SAP already provides. Unlike all other solutions in this arena, master data does not need to be duplicated and existing business processes do not need to be replicated as Omnia simply utilises the data and processes you already have in SAP.

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SAP Certified eCommerce

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Omnia eCommerce provides a platform from which to deliver a full omni-channel experience to your customers whether you operate in the arena of B2B, B2C or both. Omnia caters for the delivery of countless digital touchpoints such as:

  • B2B Customer Portals
  • B2C Consumer Portals
  • Smart Mobile
  • Instore Self-Service
  • Instore Assisted Sale
  • Online Catalogues
  • Email
  • Social Media


Omnia allows you to deliver these touchpoints in a joined up, seamless manner so that however, your customer interacts with you, your delivery is on brand and the user experience is consistent. Omnia eCommerce appreciates that each touchpoint has specific requirements in terms of functionality at the customer facing end and these are generously provided for. Meanwhile, at the back end, due to Omnia`s unique delivery, with zero integration required, complexity is removed and a harmonious relationship is ensured between SAP, as your core business platform and whichever touchpoint you want to offer.




SAP Certified Contact Centre

Omnia Supplier Portal on PC

Omnia Contact Centre provides a platform from which internal, customer facing teams can provide an enhanced and consistent service. Contact Centre provides a single SAP based location from which the operative can:

  • Manage returns
  • Perform stock checks
  • Place customer orders
  • Facilitate payments
  • Manage notes
  • Access statements and historical invoices
  • View web based product information
  • Configure complex product sets
  • Operate shared browsing


In line with the delivery of a true omni-channel experience, your call centre operatives need to reflect your brand and the experience offered to your customers every bit as consistently as your other touchpoints. Contact Centre provides key information to your operatives in a quick, easy to follow, consistent fashion so that interactions with customers are always productive and much more efficient. Contact Centre reduces average call duration by making the data and processes you already have in SAP easily accessible and usable by your operatives in real-time. Training for new staff is considerably reduced as they can utilise the self-intuitive web pages Contact Centre provides from day one whereas equivalent training on multiple SAP locations itself can be much more time consuming and arduous.


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SAP Certified Supplier Portals

Omnia Supplier Portal on PC

Supplier Portals are currently a hot topic as companies and institutions become increasingly aware of the efficiencies a well delivered portal can drive into their supply chain whilst simultaneously improving collaboration with their suppliers. This is certainly the case with an Omnia Supplier Portal which delivers a comprehensive set of functionality such as:

  • Purchase Order control
  • Quotation management
  • KPI visibility
  • Forecasting tools
  • On-boarding management
  • Quality Notifications
  • Supplier and Employee alerts


The key Omnia principle remains, as the Omnia Supplier Portal is delivered natively inside SAP ensuring that the data being consumed and business processes being used are those already established inside SAP without the need for duplication or replication. The data coming out of SAP is 100% accurate, in real-time and the data which goes back in from Suppliers (subject to your authorisation) is going directly into the correct location in SAP. Both suppliers and internal users are receiving an accurate, 360 degree view of the data from the portal. Suppliers adopt the portal quickly as it simplifies their interactions with you, whilst members of your Purchasing Team reap the benefits of having all the tasks they previously carried out across multiple screens in SAP, located in one user friendly location. This drives efficiency, increases visibility and ultimately reduces the number of hours internal teams need to spend on administrative tasks.


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SAP Certified Content Management System

Omnia Content Management System on PC

The Omnia CMS is delivered within SAP itself, allowing you to manage your web content in direct communication with Master Data in real-time. Omnia CMS comes with a substantial set of functionality which includes:

  • Category management
  • Definable attributes
  • SEO adaptability
  • Catalogue management
  • Multi-lingual/Currency
  • Promotional tools
  • Theme control
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Site performance monitoring


This sets Omnia apart from the competition and offers you peace of mind, as when processes, stock, materials or orders change – they change everywhere. Changes are made in real-time and appear instantly where necessary, while more critical updates go through a role-based hierarchy to ensure that the changes are put through Quality Assurance before going live.


SEO is crucial for any organisation working in the eCommerce arena and Omnia CMS provides powerful SEO tools which give you the ability to adapt and manage page titles, meta keywords/descriptions and tailor URL`s for maximum optimisation. By utilising this capability within Omnia CMS you can climb search engine rankings, giving you the option to reduce PPC costs considerably. Ultimately, the real beauty of Omnia CMS is in its simplicity, allowing you to confidently edit and manage your eCommerce platform efficiently. Omnia CMS empowers departments, such as Marketing, as they have a straightforward tool to make online changes which they can use without the requirement for input from IT. This is an obvious plus for both the IT Department, who do not have this added pressure on their resource, but also the Marketing Department, who can ensure that the changes they wish to make to drive engagement and ultimately sales, do not have to wait until IT resource becomes available - they simply manage this themselves.


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The Omnia SAP Solution is currently available from:

Weaveability Ltd are a leading SAP eCommerce provider.
Weaveability help companies running on SAP deliver B2B, B2C and B2E solutions.





itelligence UK provides midmarket-focused SAP consulting, SAP analytics, SAP services and SAP training.
itelligence UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Data. A SAP Platinum Partner and SAP Global Partner.


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