Achieving Contact Centre success in the world of SAP

Train rails

Though the demands placed on any given call centre will vary based on industry sector and from one business to another, there are certain metrics by which contact centre performance will always be evaluated. First Call Resolution (FCR) is a perfect example of this. This is applicable to all call centres as a key indicator of performance as it plays a huge role in defining customer satisfaction. This is highlighted when you consider that 63% of people say that "quick issue resolution" or "issue resolution on first contact" is the most important element of a good experience. FCR is equally important in dictating internal efficiency. The requirement to call a customer back is not only time consuming but is instantly seen as a negative by the customer who wants whatever assistance they require to be as close to instant as possible, so they can swiftly return to their daily life. Any improvements you make in relation to FCR, will have a direct effect on customer satisfaction. Another universal metric is Response Time. No customer likes to be held in a queue so the ability to answer calls quickly is crucial.

The ability to do this is often nothing to do with available manpower and everything to do with the systems the operative has available to them. If the systems in use are inefficient, the operative cannot be anything other than inefficient. The direct result of this is that all calls take longer than necessary to complete and the backlog of waiting customers will increase as a result. Yes, you can throw additional manpower at this scenario, but this is simply masking the real issue, whilst simultaneously adding cost into the operation. Contact Quality is another metric which spans industry sectors. Can the operative leave the customer satisfied, informed, appropriately assisted? Once again, though a well-informed, trained and talented operative will help in providing high quality interactions, even the most talented operatives are at the mercy of the systems they operate. Over 60% of contact centre operatives cite systems and information access as the factor most likely to impact First Call Resolution. How efficiently do the systems provided allow them to access vital data and carry out key tasks?

It is clear that the quality of performance against key metrics will be directly affected by the systems being utilised by the operative. A system which allows the operative to work more efficiently and quickly provide the customer with the desired experience is a must. This can be provided for, in a SAP centric manner, via the SAP certified Omnia Contact Centre. This platform is delivered directly within the SAP environment with no integration required. This allows the operative to access pertinent real-time SAP data using a functionally rich application with an intuitive interface to promote easy operative adoption and ongoing navigation. Training periods for new staff are instantly reduced as the distinction between the service provided by a new starter as opposed to an experienced operative, becomes far less pronounced.

Omnia Contact Centre ensures that the performance of all operatives is elevated. In line with the delivery of a true omni-channel experience, your call centre operatives need to reflect your brand and the service offered to your customers every bit as consistently as through your other touchpoints. Omnia Contact Centre provides key information to your operatives in a quick, easy to follow, consistent fashion so that interactions with customers are always productive and much more efficient. Omnia Contact Centre reduces average call duration and unnecessary return calls by making the SAP data / processes easily accessible, as well as usable by your operatives in real-time.