The unstoppable train of B2B eCommerce

Train rails

The value of B2B online sales is expected to be $6.7 trillion by 2020 with continued growth expected in this arena over the coming years. The stats speak for themselves and highlight that B2B eCommerce is here to stay. This is an unstoppable train which every forward thinking business needs to get on in order to ensure they are not at a substantial disadvantage in relation to their competition. An assumption that your products/services do not lend themselves to being purchased online is often incorrect. This has been proven countless times in multiple industry sectors by the digital disruptors who have come from nowhere to dominate their marketplace in incredibly short periods of time. We can all think of examples of this in the B2C space but the same applies in the world of B2B. The people buying your products/services for the organisations they represent, will often be the very same people who have helped these disruptive companies to flourish over recent years. They now expect this type of disruption to improve their interaction with their business suppliers. As such, to stay ahead of the game, looking at innovative ways to interact with your clients is crucial. In terms of B2B eCommerce, all of the statistics available indicate that loyalty increases and spend per transaction rises from business customers who interact with your organisation both off and online.

Yet, in comparison to B2C transactions, which tend to be straightforward, B2B transactions can be trickier thanks to customer specific pricing, credit limits and complex logistics. Add to this, the ever growing desire of your business customers to benefit from the types of features and functionality they utilise in the B2C environment and you need to give careful consideration to the solution you choose to deliver your B2B presence online. However, if you run SAP ERP, an Omnia B2B Portal which can be delivered by an Omnia reseller such as Weaveability, represents a sensible choice. Omnia delivers an on-brand online presence which is feature rich, adds value to the customer experience (to ensure the loyalty of your business customers) and does so whilst utilising the capabilities and configuration of your existing SAP environment.

Omnia removes the potentially tricky aspects of delivering B2B online thanks to the unique method of delivery adopted. Omnia is delivered directly within your SAP ERP instance (ECC or HANA), which means that the Omnia platform can serve up (in real time) customer specific pricing, credit limit information and complex logistical detail, directly from SAP without the need for integration. If you run SAP and do not currently have an online B2B presence, Omnia will provide the platform from which you can quickly get on the unstoppable B2B eCommerce train. If you are already on the train, could you provide a better service? Omnia allows your customer to reach their destination completely satisfied and stress free, thanks to the removal of complications and delays. First class user experiences will also ensure they will continue to take their buying journeys with you in future.