SAP B2B eCommerce and Customer Portals

Offer advanced experiences for your business customers across all digital touchpoints.
Improve online revenues and increase loyalty.

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Utilise the capability, scalability and security of SAP to drive business customer engagement and online revenues

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Build loyalty through a personalised B2B experience

From personalised pricing and product sets to loyalty schemes, SAP centric delivery allows you to provide customer specific experiences that increase sales and brand loyalty.


Provide a better customer experience and data management through real-time interaction

Enable your business customers to interact with you in real-time, place orders directly into SAP and access real-time SAP data on stock, pricing and more.


Give your customers what they want, when they want it

Provide your business customers with effective touchpoints, giving them access to information and the ability to interact with you 24/7, regardless of their location.

Keep things simple with customer specific pricing

Utilise configured SAP pricing structures without the need for integration or replication and serve customer specific pricing to an identified touchpoint user.

To discover the many great features available within the Omnia SAP B2B eCommerce solution, contact us.

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Retain customers through great user experiences

Retain customers by allowing them to transact with you quickly and effortlessly via portals that ensure a great user experience and brand loyalty.

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Create happier customers

Tailor the experience with customised catalogues, configurable products and sets, personalised promotions and more in Omnia’s SAP centric Content Management System (CMS).

To discover the many great features available within the Omnia SAP B2B eCommerce Content Management System, contact us.

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Omnia - the right choice

Delivered within SAP, Omnia SAP B2B eCommerce requires zero integration. Omnia leverages the power of SAP and utilises existing data and business processes without the need for complex duplication.

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Find out how Omnia SAP certified B2B eCommerce can boost engagement and increase online revenues.

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“Great improvement in customer experience and sales volumes”

Terry Bedeau
Project Manager at NICEIC