Leading SAP contact centre solution

Give your customers an enhanced and consistent service with our leading SAP based call centre solution. Omnia Contact Centre is in line with true omni-channel provision.

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Ensure call centre operatives reflect your brand and the service you offer every bit as consistently as through your other touchpoints

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Contact Center interface

Deliver a consistent customer experience

Operatives and customers have similar interfaces therefore all interactions are joined up, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

Contact Center interface

Increase call centre efficiency

Call centre teams can access data and perform multiple tasks using minimal clicks from one location, decreasing call times and increasing first time positive outcomes.

Contact Center interface

Reduce training requirements

New staff are productive quickly thanks to self-intuitive web pages, which reduce training requirements and facilitate easy instant access to SAP data.

Configure complex products the easy way

These tools give the operative full visibility of the variations and upgrades available for a product or set of products, allowing operatives to offer suitable advice and customise potentially complex product sets on behalf of the customer.

To discover the many great features available to call centre operatives within the Omnia SAP Contact Centre solution, contact us.

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Browser mirroring on different computers

Deliver a better experience with browser mirroring

Allows operatives to assist customers with online navigation, take control of their session and deliver fast, relevant content, removing the need to communicate URLs or category paths.

To discover the many great features available within the Omnia SAP Contact Centre solution, contact us.

Provide a faster, more effective service with SAP UI5

Designed using the latest SAP UI5 framework, our call centre application interface is easy to use and is a rapid way to view customer and eCommerce information in one place. Omnia Contact Centre enables operatives to deal with customers quickly and effectively and ensuring a fantastic experience.

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Why Omnia is the right choice

Delivered within SAP, and with zero integration required, Omnia Contact Centre leverages the power of SAP and utilises existing data/process with no need for complexity increasing duplication.

Download the Omnia Contact Centre Brochure

Find out how Omnia can help you provide enhanced and consistent customer experiences using the SAP certified Contact Centre application.

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“Omnia has transformed the way our call centre operates with our customer base”

Nick Massarella - IT Director
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