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We deliver user-centred solutions through evidence based research and testing

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UX/UI on niceIC brand UX/UI on niceIC brand

Ensure brand loyalty with custom branding

As specialists in digital design and user experiences, our Omnia SAP ERP B2B eCommerce and Omnia SAP ERP B2C eCommerce solutions put your customers first. Completely SAP centric, Omnia eCommerce offers awesome design, as well as flexible, brandable, customer focused pages and real-time functionality, ensuring brand loyalty. Created from the ground up, using industry standard UX methodology, we deliver experiences that are both positive and profitable.

UX/UI on niceIC brand UX/UI on niceIC brand

Keep it simple with Fiori and SAP UI5

Built on the SAP Fiori framework, our SAP Contact Centre and SAP Supplier Portals are designed using SAP UI5. With UX firmly at the forefront, both applications keep complex processes simple, offering user interfaces that speed up internal processes and greatly enhance the customer experience whenever.

Discover how UX in the Omnia SAP Contact Centre and Omnia SAP Supplier Portals can improve your operational efficiency.

Why Omnia UX/UI

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Tried, tested, trusted

Designed and developed with user centric methodology at the forefront, Omnia delivers an intuitive experience for your organisation and customers.


Incredible user experience

Omnia delivers simple but powerful interfaces that make daily routines easier and creates awesome user journeys that keep customers coming back.


Increased efficiency

Taking complex SAP data, Omnia provides end users with a streamlined view, enabling departments to access only the data they need.



Whether you run Omnia’s internal UI5 applications or custom branded eCommerce applications, Omnia delivers consistent branding and a consistent user journey across all touchpoints.

“Fantastic company to work with - the results have been outstanding”

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